Vicky loves nothing more than being the mother of two beautiful children, and wife of 17 years to her high school sweetheart, Doug. Working with children and adults in the field of Early Care and Education, for as long as she can remember, Vicky has a gifted passion for learning and teaching. She was born and raised in Greater Cincinnati and graduated with a BA in Elementary Education from N.K.U. Vicky founded Curlyhaired Productions in 2006 to continue her pursuit in assisting others in keeping life and family simple.

What Really Matters to Vicky:
Bear hugs, Belly Laughs, Aidan’s Office Supplies, Messy Legos, Children’s Books, Chocolate, Dog Kisses, Fall Leaves, Doug’s Music, Pj’s, Family Outings, Organizing Totes, City Noises, Camera Flashes, Curly Hair, Ellie’s Chubby Legs, Scrapbooks, Recipes, Playdates, Aidan’s Yapper Snappers and Movies.


Jen is married to Jeff and a very proud mom of two beautiful girls, Jasmine and Jade. She was born and raised in Cincinnati, graduating from the University of Kentucky with a BA in Graphic Design. Her passion for water led her around the world as a SCUBA Instructor and trip leader, and she has now returned to her longtime comfort zone of chlorine, coaching springboard diving. Jen is enjoying herself as she shares the little things in her life that really matter while learning with listeners ways to keep it simple.

What Really Matters to Jen:
Morning Hugs, The Ocean, Quiet Time, Renovating, Warm and Sunny Days, Just Because Hugs, All Day Jammy Days, Tickle Time, Renovating Again, Quiet Time, Wheel Throwing Pottery, Shell Hunting, Organization and Disorganization, Little Girl Giggles, Movies, The Zoo, Goodnight Hugs.

About the Vicky & Jen Podcast

What Really Matters is the popular show on making a powerful impact on the way families value their time. Co-hosts Vicky and Jen help today’s busy families lead a simpler life with their entertaining and informative shows, interviewing leading experts in parenting, health, nutrition, self-care, organization, relationships and more. There is no lecturing, just “candid” talk, all about simplifying, celebrating life and getting the most from the things that really matter.