Simple Holidays: Easy Family Dinners & Potlucks, DIY Christmas Cards

Vicky and Jen chit-chat about easy family dinners, potlucks, and DIY Christmas cards in Part 3 of the holiday special series. This episode dives into how to make healthy family dinners and potlucks. Julaine, our caller, takes steps to have an easy holiday dinner. Jen gives her two cents on Christmas cards. Vicky shares her family cookie decorating tradition and Anne shares her annual tree decorating “cocktail party for kids.”

Special Callers: Julaine, Anne

In This Episode

  • 00:38 – Opening: Simple Holidays 103
  • 01:11 – Party Planning
  • 10:02 – Caller: Julaine “Simple Dinner”
  • 13:24 – Greeting Cards
  • 20:11 – Cooking Decorating
  • 23:38 – Caller: Anne “Tree Trimming”
  • 29:24 – Closing Comments

How to Make an Edible Christmas Tree

Edible Christmas TreeBring the magic of the holiday season to your table with this easy decoration & snack you can make with your children!

What You’ll Need:

  • Mini M&M’S
  • Extra large sugar ice cream cones
  • Can of white frosting
  • Green food coloring
  • Dove Promises Chocolates (Wrapped like presents)


Step 1: Mix frosting and green food coloring.

Step 2: Allow children to completely frost their sugar cone.

Step 3: Turn upside down and add “lights” (Mini M&M’S).

Step 4: Use as a decoration with Dove Promises packages under the trees or simply eat and enjoy!

Ideas to Create Family Traditions & Rituals

Good Deed Paper Chain:

Sara Tapley, the mother of six, hangs a multicolored paper chain across the bay window in her dining room, after writing the name of one family member on each link. Every morning, each person has to break a link and do a good deed for the person whose name he gets; if someone gets their own name, he passes it on.

Thankful Box:

Put a cardboard box with a slit cut into the top on the kitchen counter the week before Thanksgiving, with a pile of blank paper and a pencil next to it. Everybody writes down things they’re thankful for. Read them aloud during the feast, and guess who wrote that. (This could be done at Christmas dinner too.)

Pint-Sized Chefs:

Make it a tradition that the kids work together to make Christmas Eve lunch or Christmas Day breakfast. This involves cooperation and creativity. Don’t comment if it isn’t a grand meal – just be grateful that you didn’t have to make it!

Mystery Photo:

A grandma has the tradition of putting a photo of a person in the center of the table each time she entertains her family. Everyone guesses who it might be and conjectures what the person did or does for a living or for fun. When dessert is near, the name of the photo person is revealed, as well as the real facts about his or her life. This kind of family “history lesson” builds memories as it educates.

DIY Holiday Family Games

1. Pass the Snowball

Use an oversized white pom-pom as the snowball. The children sit in a circle quite close together. Practice passing the “snowball” to each other keeping hands behind backs. Have 1 child at a time sit outside the circle on a chair and close their eyes. When the ball is “hidden” the child has to guess who has the ball. When she guesses the right person, that person who had the snowball becomes the new “guesser”.

2. You Could Even Say It Glows

What You Need:

  • Pencil or marker
  • Construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
  • Poster board
  • Blindfold
  • Red dot stickers

How To Play:

  1. Sketch a simple outline of a reindeer on construction paper, cut it out, and glue it to the poster board (or your kids can simply use a marker to draw Rudolph directly on the poster board). Remember to leave Rudolph noseless!
  2. To play, hang the picture on a wall, blindfold the kids one at a time, hand each a red sticker, and let them try to restore Rudy’s shiny nose.

3. SnowBlowers

Race against time and competitors to puff your ball to the finish line.

What You Need:

  • Large paper cups,
  • Small prizes (candy canes, colored pencils, stickers)
  • Table
  • Ping-Pong ball
  • Paper towel tubes

How To Play:

Step 1: To set up, hang three large paper cups with the tape off one side of a table, so that the cup openings are level with the table’s surface. Fill each cup halfway with small prizes and clear away any chairs so players have an open pathway at both sides of the table.

Step 2: Give the first two players paper towel tubes and explain that when you place a Ping-Pong ball in front of each of them, they must blow through the tubes like a snowblower. (Point out that a gentle breath is all it takes to get the “snowball” rolling.)

Step 3: Each contestant will have 15 seconds to direct the ball across the table and into one of the paper cups; if the ball goes over the edge first, that player’s turn is over. Each winner gets to pick one prize from the cup–and the playing continues until each cup is empty.

Tips: Have the kids decorate their paper towel tubes with construction paper, stickers, ribbon, drawings, etc. Decorate the table with confetti, streamers and other items that will also blow around when the races begin.

4. Santa’s Helpers

Wrap it up and tie it with a bow, one-handed, in this entertaining competition.

What You Need:

  • Party favors
  • Box
  • Wrapping paper
  • Tape
  • Yarn

How To Play:

  1. To set up, put out two party favors, one box, a sheet of wrapping paper, tape and yarn for each pair.
  2. Each team must race to wrap the favors in the box and tie a bow. The catch? Each player must hold one hand behind his or her back, an impediment that makes it necessary for partners to communicate and work together.
  3. The first team to finish wins the gift.

5. Stuff the Santa

Race to create the stoutest Saint Nick of them all.

What You Need:

  • Balloons
  • A one-piece extra large union suit

How To Play:

Step 1: Inflate an ample supply of balloons.

Step 2: Divide contestants into teams of four to six players. Draw candy canes to determine which player will don the suit over his or her clothes; the player selecting the longest candy cane is It.

Step 3: Teammates are given the task of stuffing the suit with balloons. Remind the players that a gentle touch is essential for keeping balloons intact. Set a timer for two minutes and see how many balloons the team can stuff into the suit before the time is up.

Step 4: The next team of Santa stuffers must try to top the previous record, but first give Santa a chance to show off his lumpy physique.

Easy Family Dinner Resources

Episode Transcript

Julie Nelson: My name’s Julie Nelson. I’m a mother of two and I’m listening to What Really Matters with Vicky and Jen.

Vicky & Jen: Hi, this is Jen with This is Vicky. We are making life simple, so you can enjoy what really matters. It looks like this will be our third part of our series, Simple Holidays 101. Thanks for tuning in again. We hope you’ve gotten a lot of useful tips and information. From us and our callers. Hope you’ve enjoyed the show so far. We have lots more to share today. Still more ideas on ways you can minimize the stress this holiday season. So let’s get started. We haven’t talked about parties and get-togethers.

Vicky: Let’s talk about that what do you do that makes — you said you really don’t have any big dinners at your house.

Jen: The chef in our family is my brother who lives in Santa Cruz and my mom. So she’s pretty much hit up for the food. I do try to help, although, I think that she kind of likes the stress of having to do it all herself. I think she kind of like she takes a whole day you know and cooks because she’s good at it.

Jen: She likes to do it. I know that there are frustrating parts about it. But she likes to cook for us. So I’m all for it. But we go up there on Christmas Eve and some of my relatives go over. And that’s kind of our big night for the holiday. Christmas morning is very laid back for us. We know Santa comes to our house and he goes to my parent’s house too.

Jen: So we just get up and kind of take our time and do our gifts at our house and then we kind of head up to my mom and dad’s and hang out there for a while and we have like a brunch or something. Nothing totally fancy. My mom might disagree. Of course, she has to cook that too but that’s pretty much it for Christmas. You know Thanksgiving’s a whole another story. It’s pretty simple.

Vicky: And we love to entertain here. We love to cook. We do. We’re fortunate we have the space to do it so we do have gatherings here multiple gatherings over the holidays and Dough I are both from divorced families. So we have four sets of parents. We do it separately we are small. I’m all about the small intimate group rather than a party of 25.

Vicky: I want to you know just get together with you plan your meals right.

Jen: You could go ahead and cook everything or you know anyone has the same meal I guess twice.

Vicky: Well I think that’s a great tip and I actually haven’t done that. But what I have done is I start because I love to cook and I have 100 cookbooks. And then you’ve got access to the Internet with recipes. I could really go crazy if I wanted to. So I’m proud to say one of the things that I’ve done to reduce the stress over the holidays is I have thought outside the box for a traditional holiday meal. So I thought OK we’ll have this chicken dish and then a couple side dishes.

Vicky: And I thought no no no no but do a pot of chili. Oh sure you know last year we did pepperoni pizzas. Doug Doug rolled out the crust. I made homemade sauce. You can make that we can advance if you wanted to freeze it and we did pepperoni pizza. So I think that a good tip for our listeners is to don’t feel that you have to do some huge spread. Right. Or you know number one there’s the potluck don’t carry the whole load. Everybody brings something. And don’t worry about oh don’t worry about what everybody is going to bring they bring what they bring.

And that’s what you have right. No one’s going to complain the dishes aren’t going to match. Stuff now you know what. That’s OK. It’s worth it. OK. Delegate and let everybody bring something to have a potluck. Think non-traditional. Well, my thing is soups fall and winter. You put on a potty. Sure sure. And you can make it three days in advance. Then you can even eat it the night before. Before everyone gets there to double your recipe soups and Chili’s are always better the next day anyway. They are only that. I don’t know if you’ve got leftovers. So you have a get together at your house tomorrow. Make a pot of soup early and then eat that for your family’s dinner and then eat it again tomorrow.

We do that for. Don’t don’t get together for dinner. Here’s an idea. Have a brunch get together for doughnuts and coffee in the morning get together for what’s a special holiday movie The get-together and watch Scrooge story Christmas story.

Good thing for the kids that Tim Allen’s the Santa Claus. Let’s watch a holiday movie. Everybody come over for dessert and a movie or popcorn and a movie.

And don’t make it. It’s fun. I do this sometimes. Get your get together set the time for after lunch and before dinner for dinner.

Well, so people aren’t expecting right the big meal one time. Everybody bring an appetizer. We’re not going to do some huge meal appetizer on paper. Holiday paper plates. So I think there are lots of ways out there to make sure the food portion of your holidays and parties a little bit more simple. Right.

And even you know the the the gathering also includes a lot more than the food. You know for one you know certain other things you’re going to want to clean your house and stuff like that. But actually, I found an idea from Elizabeth Berg. She has a book called family traditions and she says when people arrive at your house draw names for teams to work together as one team would be in charge of setting the table. Another team would be in charge of clearing the table. Someone else does the dishes and another team serves dessert.

You know I love it. Yeah. Why not. Good idea. Delegate yeah. Have you know don’t knock yourself out trying to do it.

You can let the kids do parts.

You know I mean kids love to set the table you know and the adults you know people have recently asked some people for some help. But I thought that was kind of fun because you would like your name and someone with that though because they’re no one’s going to do the table as they would.

But can you let that go? Yes. Ask yourself if I’m going to delegate. You can’t go back over and do it. They’re doing. Right. Which is very funny people. That team does the dishes to the best of their ability and it has not done the way you like it then yeah it does washer instead. Right. Put them in a dishwasher and they’ll get done.

But I mean I thought that was kind of a great idea because that’s entertainment too you know that you know you don’t have the TV on and stuff people will be at various times different people will be up and about doing things so that allows for a little bit more mingling among different people.

Right. You know it gets people up and about and it’s kind of entertainment just a drawing of the names out of a hat.

You know you pick your team member and then maybe you have another drawing for picking your duty you know. So it’s kind of a game that you have five minutes to trade with somebody else. You know fine work your way and maybe there’s a get out of duty-free card or something and you can try to you know that one team ends up they don’t have to do anything or something.

I don’t know. Very cute. And another thought too with your parties and get-togethers and potlucks.

Who says you have to cram it all in before Christmas. Right after we have Christmas in January with my mom’s side of the family we did that one year. We haven’t done it again but it was just too busy. People can coordinate. It was too much. My friend Jenny and I get together sometimes we get together after Christmas the week after and in and the weekend after Christmas in January. I don’t think for some companies are starting to do that.

Having instead of you know Christmas parties they’re doing you know in January it’s a holiday season type party you know for employees and spouses and stuff and nothing say it has to be December 25th.

Yeah, you’re so right. Just think about what’s the what’s the important part.

That’s a great way to minimize the distress is think outside the box a little bit with the time that you actually do it.

Well, let’s stop here and take a call from one of our listeners Jolene Dalene are you with us.

How are you doing Nigel? Nice to talk to you. Thank you so much for sending us your ideas in agreeing to be part of our show.

Julie what is your best tip for a stress-free holiday.

Well actually have to I came up with another one after I sent you a tip. Oh great. I’ll see them both. Great. My first tip is for Thanksgiving I’m a list person so I usually have you know my menu all without my shopping list.

But I also make like a timetable. What time the turkeys have to go in. What time the rolls have to go in the oven.

And my husband used to say I was paranoid but my dinner was always on the table and told them I did anything nice transition for me because I did get all stressed out over having everything will be on time.

But it also was convenient if somebody came into the kitchen and said What can I do to help.

They can look at my timetabled masticated they can do that for me.

And I did have to explain it nice sharing of sharing it with myself. Well, that’s very clever.

I know that it’s quite a job to get it all done at one time it sounds like you have a great strategy for doing that.

Yeah, it really works for me. You know some people don’t have to be quite so detailed but you know it really helped me out making sure that it’s on the table on time.

So you lean to you host Thanksgiving dinner every year.

Pretty much. We are different we have different people and. Last year we ended up having a homeless family. And some of her regular family as well but we had a homeless family join us last year. So I usually always do Thanksgiving dinner and whoever shows up shows up.

Well that’s what it’s all about, isn’t it? Right. That’s a great idea. You said you had another idea.

And for Christmas dinner, Christmas was always really stressful because I had always done the cooking for my family. And then I ended up being exhausted on Christmas Day and not enjoying the whole spirit of Christmas and so what we’ve started doing is we have our Christmas dinner either on the Sunday before or Sunday after Christmas we have a really nice dinner with the fancy dishes and everything. And on Christmas Day we did something really easy like when we had a bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken and some silly potato salad. We have had a platter from Long John Silvers in a vegetable tray. And this year we’re thinking about doing Subway sandwiches and just something really simple so that mom gets to enjoy the holiday so times mom gets off the because she’s doing the cooking. It doesn’t get to play with the toys and everything. So that’s something that you know we’ve just started doing and it really works right.

So it’s that’s great. That’s a great idea. Elaine thanks so much for sharing those with us.

They will like a cookie that will have a happy holiday not stepped.

Thank you. Same goes for you. We hope that you hope you continue to listen to our show and visit our Web site.

I sure will. Thank you so much for your show. Great show. Thank you.

What do you do? Christmas cards.

No, I actually did for a couple of years Jeff and I sent them out together but I don’t know. I just kind of found that we used to actually kind of do something fun in our Christmas cards. We would put a lottery ticket. We would buy a lottery ticket for friends and we thought well how cool is that. You know put it in.

It could cost a dollar. Yeah. Yes, you get one of them you get 20 dollar lottery ticket.

We did the dollar dollar dollar lottery. Of course, most of them you don’t win anything but every once in a while someone would hit you know the 2 dollar jackpot.

Ten bucks and then you know. Yeah.

And that is the act of doing so we went to that and then no one expects a prize so whatever. Even if you get a dollar suppressor to go get another ticket. You know and but you know again like I was saying before I love that idea and unfortunately I just I’m not really organized and I just don’t know.

We just kind of stopped doing it right.

So do you feel guilty that you stopped doing it? Do you do you feel guilty when people send you people still send those cards.

I love getting them. So I know.

You know I never wrote out like the letters and stuff though. I like reading those especially with people that we’ve kind of lost touch with a little bit later you know I call my life pretty kid after kid because my life is very different than it was pre-kid. You know very social and always out and about. We had or our group and stuff. And so I really enjoy getting you to know what we’ve been up to for the past year. Letters from those friends that we used to always be us you know because I don’t speak to them that often.

So I really look forward to it when I get it I get this twinge of doing that right. You know and I just I haven’t yet. And of course, you know I’d love to brag about my kids you know and send pictures of my kids so maybe someone can send me some ideas of a simple way to do that you know that it’s not going to take up that much time or I don’t know.

I found a little tidbit about cards and I’m just going to read this from twinkle Bob’s dot com. It’s trivia the first Christmas card was created in England on December 9th, 1842 my 1842 Hallmark introduced its first Christmas cards in 1915. Five years after the founding of the company an average household in America will mail out twenty-eight Christmas cards each year and they’ll see 28 cards return in their place. More than 3 billion Christmas cards are sent in the U.S. Wow. That’s something that I felt guilty about. Yeah because we receive a lot of them.

And I am not consistent.

Some years I do sometimes I don’t. And I think that’s why I decided to stop because we would do it one year and I would and the next and I’d feel guilty so I’d do it again. I feel you know I’m just going to stop until I get it together enough to do it regularly and do it right. I’m not going to do it right.

Which I don’t like that I did that. I hesitate to say this but when someone takes the time to write a little personal note inside their Christmas card enough that I do too. But if it’s just signed syke it’s not like its mass produced it’s just a bulk mailing.

It probably is. Right. Well into that I appreciate it and I’m hesitant saying that they’re thinking of you appreciate them. And I’m on your list right.

But I’m wondering if those statistics and stuff will change because of the Internet this week.

We just heard since last year we got a couple e-cards I guess that’s what they call cards.

You know Happy holidays without a picture. So personalized as you can get you to know to send out like that and machine that. Sure. So I wonder if there is still something to be said about a nice handwritten card. You know that takes you to all the things that you can do for you know have your kids buy some cardstock have your kids make them make the cards give them stickers paint sponges whatever and get them reading Green Paper sure and I’m gonna let them go to town. That’s an excellent way to get one of those in the mail. So why don’t we have eight and make me a card this year?

Because I know he will. I might add it’ll have a little book of post-it notes inside sir your grocery list.

That’s right. Well, I love the idea of letting the kids make the cards and you know you have blank white cards leftover from your crafts tree you can use them all year round. I let Aiden make everyone’s birthday cards. Cards are expensive. Yeah. Yeah. And cards are they could be up to five dollars apiece. No diaper and all the embellishments Auna and good cards at the dollar store. You can kind of summer dorky and it’s kind of hard to find a good one but you can still find good shirts at the Dollar Store.

I think I’m going to all my family and friends who are listening I think I might be eliminated on the Christmas card thing on my list and I think what I am going to aim to do is do my bulk mailing with my personalized letters in it and photos of eight and mid-year why not. You know a great surprise that would be I’d rather do it made here. Part of me thinks you know if a household and an average household gets 28 cards you know my kid’s picture is going to get lost in the shuffle.

Do you know an Easter have him in his Easter outfit or whatever Halloween would be kind of cute but that’s close to the holidays?

That’s OK. I have more time in October to send out a card for Adan’s photo to everybody than I do in December and everybody’s going to look at it Ranger because there aren’t four other cards in the mailbox that particular day. Right. You know they’ll set it on their Mantu or hang it on their fridge and it won’t get lost in the shuffle. Right. Right.


Now we have we talked about gifts we’ve talked about the Christmas card. We’ve talked about decorating planning parties a little bit. Other special family traditions that I wanted to mention.

We do cookie decorating with Doug’s family and there are three nephews there boys and nephews or boys. Is. Something happened. There are four kids altogether. Does Doug’s sisters Laura’s her three boys and Aiden and grandma comes and Doug’s mom and dad and we get together and we do this about one or two weeks before Christmas and we have made what could be difficult getting ready getting together and decorating cookies.

A lot of work. You know we’ve done it simple and it’s easy. Somebody brings cans of icing someone brings those precut Pillsbury.

Yes. Pillsbury or my sister in law. They do the fundraiser at their kid’s school market day in Denmark.

I have heard of marketing and you can buy pre-cut Christmas tree cookies and an assortment of decorations and sprinkles. So there are precut pre-baked and cans of icing. We get together and we eat and we sprinkle and we decorate. And the kids just go at it and us there’s we’ve done this for I don’t know maybe three or five years maybe longer and it’s evolved and what has happened is we have jokes.

The kids always make the sugar shocker suckers and they are loaded and nobody wants to eat them you know. And then the big joke was my mother in law brings these decorations that we swear from 1970 and we’re like you really need to get some fresh decorations you know fresh sprinkles. Yeah so. So then at Christmas my brother Taylor he has a girlfriend a woman he’s been seeing for a year and we just absolutely adore her. She brought Sandy my mother in law some decorations some fresh decorations from you know 2005 and get rid of your 1970s stale cinnamon you know buttons.

So we have really had fun with that and you think I think my sister in law Larysa maybe we should all get together and we make homemade cookies. That sounds great to me because I love to cook and I would love to get together and make cookies. But maybe later. Right now with the kids, everybody has enough on their plates. Well, now we’re just going to do the baked preforms when the kids get that instant gratification too.

You know they’re doing that work right.

There are cookies and then everybody takes their best cookie that they decorate it and you set it on a cookie sheet alone and everybody picks their best wine and then Paul Paul my you know my father in law Jerry.

He did he doesn’t do much decorating. He’ll come on come in and help judge.

He doesn’t know uses now. So it’s it’s it’s really turned out to be something special and our family at some stage and we do. Let’s take another call I think we have an on the line with us.

Hi Angel. How are you doing? How are you?

Good. I just love your podcast. I’m so excited to finally get through and talk to you.

Well, it is good talking to you.

I was getting called in to tell you about one of our favorite family holiday traditions.


We have a tree trimming party every year with the kids and what we do is we get our tree all set up and my husband’s getting the tree you know put on a stand and everything.

I get all the ornaments and all of the holiday decorations down from the attic with the kids and then we get all of the ornaments and we open them all up and we remember stories and we talk and we laugh. And you know we’re putting the ornaments on the trees and what we do before we actually start the whole party is each of the kids gets to tell us and our Derb are an appetizer that they would like to have for the real.

It’s kind of like a cocktail party with kids and we have sparkling grapes and say hey we have anything little pigs in a blanket and cheese balls and balls and salami roll up all the things kids like.

Did you see in your e-mail you have three kids right?

I have three children. OK.

And so they get to kind of pick the whole dinner or pick the party food.

Sounds like they’re making good choices. Oh, you know cookies and ice cream.

Well, you can’t you can’t. They might they make it a bowl of ice cream at the end of that. You know if you didn’t have a vegetable platter right.

But you know it’s really neat when the kids talk about their ornaments and they’ll say Oh remember when we got this ornaments and will all laugh and we’ll talk about it. My daughter has an ornament that we always chuckle over.

It was a little porcelain ballerina and it actually doesn’t have any legs because when she got it she just loved it so much she kept on holding it and going over and checking it and it would drop and the legs would break off and we kept going back and getting new ones until they ran out of them at the store.

That’s a great story to pass on to our children.

That’s kind of our tradition with telling those things there’s also a little book that is an ornament that we have and that my daughter gets to fill in like what’s going on in our life at that time when we’re decorating the tree and how old everybody is.

And if there’s any new tradition or anything you think significant enough to put in the book and then we hang it on the tree here.

Wow. So that’s kind of fun.

That’s very special. How do you do you sit there and flip through the book and read it and I can’t? I can hear her saying I can’t believe I wrote that last year.

Why do you believe I’m so sad I can’t believe how sloppy my handwriting is. Right. Right. That money that that was, more importantly, it’s not important now.

That’s what I was just going to say it’s funny to look back and think about what we thought was so important that we had to write down. And yet now we look back and you’re like oh that was that was silly.

That was funny or so. Well, that sounds like a lot of fun.

It is when we finish the whole kind of thing off the next day we go out and everybody gets to pick a new ornament for the tree. February of this year. You know with that ornaments and then you know next year

It’s amazing how we’ve actually sung Christmas ornaments in June and February places that we travel and we always get water from a tree.

Oh, there you go. Yeah.

Now when your children are older will you give each child their own special ornaments or will you always keep them on your tree. Have you thought about that?

I haven’t thought about that I probably will keep this up to college maybe you know as long as they’re still coming to her house for Christmas that maybe we’ll do see if they would like them to start their family tree.

You know what. You’re young and you have kids for the first time and you hardly have any money and you know it’s a big effort to get a Christmas tree.

I don’t have any word of what a great like first Christmas gift after your first grandkid is born. Of course, that’s an assumption.

But you know when your first grandkid is born you give all of your kid the ornaments that they picked out over the years.

Well, that would be a great idea. Maybe it like a little book about Christmases with them and how special Christmas was having them as a child or something.

Yeah well and another side is that they decorate their own trees in their homes with their families but they always come back home and you have a tree trimming party every year and they decorate your tree and they’re still you know I don’t know 30 years old talking about their ornaments what that means for their kids to see.

Very kind of experience that you would think that if we could have a small home for Thanksgiving when they’re old and every part of that weekend.

Good luck with that. There’s always one that goes wayward isn’t there.

You know we can somehow technology will get to the point where they can be like they are.

There you go. Yeah. Yeah. Well, those are beautiful traditions so thank you for sharing those with us.

Well, I’m glad I got to share something with you I’ve just enjoyed listening to all of that. Great advice on things that you have on your show.

Well, thanks we hope you continue to visit our website and listen to our shows and please participate in our forum some and give us some more ideas. And we’d love to hear from you.