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How to Start Eating Healthy Without Fad Diets: Nutrition Matters

“Lose weight now, just take a pill!” Have you fallen prey to any of these popular dieting promises? We all ought to know better, but the desire for quick weight loss often tempts us into unhealthy lifestyles. Join our discussion with Lauren Niemes, registered dietitian,

Gustafer Yellowgold Interview With Morgan Taylor

Who loves snow, smashes desserts as a hobby, and has a dancing eel as a pet? It could only be the one-of-a-kind Gustafer Yellowgold! Find out more about this unusual and loveable yellow being as Vicky and Jen interview Morgan about his original music and

Parenting Styles: Authoritative vs Permissive Parenting

Vicky and Jen interview John Rosemond about his latest book, The New Six-Point Plan for Raising Happy, Healthy Children. Special Guest: John Rosemond, America’s most widely-read parenting authority! He is a best-selling author, columnist, speaker, and family psychologist. In This Episode 00:41 – Welcome John 01:48

Simple Holidays: DIY Holiday Decorating Ideas, Gift Exchanges

Vicky and Jen part 2 of 3 on simplifying the holidays. Part 2 of this series includes more ideas for creative gift shopping, educational gifts for kids, types of gift exchanges, and a tidbit on holiday decorating. Meg calls in and shares her unique family tradition

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